Reaching the Star Within by Danae Shanti

Reaching the Star Within

Fun, engaging, original children's music including "Hug a Tree" and "I Can Do It!" Bonus track is a beautiful guided meditation helping your child find their special tree to hug. Produced by Danae Shanti and friends.

What's included?

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I Can Do It.mp3
2 mins
I Can Do It Sample.mp3
1 min
01 My Friend.mp3
2 mins
02 Hug a Tree.mp3
2 mins
03 Lullaby.mp3
3 mins
04 Happy.mp3
3 mins
05 I Can Do It.mp3
2 mins
06 Like Notes on a Scale.mp3
3 mins
07 This Wonderful World.mp3
3 mins
08 Guided Meditation.mp3
15 mins

School of Intuition, Breathwork, Ceremony, and Sound

Danae coaches people worldwide through her School of Intuition, Breathwork, Ceremony and Sound. She is the Founder of Danae Shanti Thrive, Singing Children Home and Music For Profit. Her Intuition Coaching Program trains individuals to use their voice of intuition for personal and professional success. Danae’s Apprenticeship Program generates successful Professional Intuitives who open private practices and make the world a better place!

Danae’s Music for Profit program raises monies for Singing Children Home. This group works with children facing challenging life circumstances or terminal illness and helps them compose and record their own song.